Mindful Children's Stories

mindful stories
Seven fun mindful children’s stories, with positive and motivating messages, so that the children develop self-knowledge, and values such as perseverance and respect, so that they can create a solid ethical and moral base that helps them in this beautiful adventure that is life.

The Gift

A child capable of seeing the talents of others but unable to discover his own …

Magic World

The stories that a father tells his daughter and that will transport her to a world full of magic.

Tides' Day

Mermaid Zeiden must overcome her fears to fulfill her dream and participate in the great festival.

The Race

An ambitious but impatient youngster will receive valuable advice from an experienced runner.

Breath of Fire

The dragon must learn to control his fire if he does not want to harm those around him.

The Clamsy Hero

Didac is a good boy who just wants to help, but screw up every time he tries …

The Greatest Treasure

Two friends want to find a great treasure, something impressive, and they will not settle for less.


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